image[in] – get in the picture

Imagine you are unable to afford a camera, let alone photography.  Imagine that even a sheet at the local department studio or of your child sitting on Santa’s knee was impossible.  Imagine never having photographs of you with your children, your parents, your siblings, simply because the money isn’t there.  Then imagine that need filled.

Imagine someone you love is dying.  Imagine you are sharing your last months or last weeks or maybe even your last days together.  Imagine that you do not have time or resources or the physical ability to go to a portrait studio or even the park to have photographs taken of you with your loved one.  Then imagine that need filled.

Imagine an event so close to your heart you can breathe and taste it.  Imagine that the only pictures you will have are taken by your core of volunteers, who are also checking in participants, serving coffee, and taking donations.  Then imagine that need filled.

Imagine a collective of photographers who are willing to donate their skills and time to provide photographs that may not change the world, but will touch the lives of those they come in contact with in ways we can only begin to imagine.  Just imagine.  Just image[in].

If you’re a photographer, offer your services.  If you’re a service organization, event, or individual in need, or if you know of one that should be nominated, ask for our services.  Don’t be camera shy.  Get in the picture.  image[in].


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